25 Jun 2012

St Helens business shows initiative

Since the new Saints RLFC stadium opened there has been controversy over the parking facilities. Fans are expected to park in St Helens town centre and walk to the stadium which, on a summers evening is no doubt rather pleasant. The weather as we all know is rarely pleasant in St Helens or the UK for that matter and so when the light nights aren't around then the prospect of leaving a car in a town centre and walking doesn't seem that appealing.

 A St Helens pub, the Millhouse on Mill lane came up with a great idea a few months ago. They have their own large car park and a lot of local Saints fans. In a bout of creativity the Millhouse came up with the idea of putting two 80 seater coaches on free of charge for each home game. People could leave a car at the Millhouse in safety and get a free ride on the coach to and from the game.

The only proviso was that they purchased a drink. This didn't have to be an alcoholic drink but it went some way to paying for the coach.

 A spokesperson for the Millhouse told us:

"We have this huge car park and a lot of regulars who follow saints, it seemed a great idea to provide this service to any St Helens fans who were worried about the parking facilities at the Saints stadium. People travelled from all around St Helens. A lot of them hadn't even been in the Millhouse before so it gave them a chance to see what a friendly pub we are.

Everyone has benefitted from this piece of initiative. The supporters, the local community and the Millhouse, not to mention Saints RLFC. The Millhouse has a coach on each home game. You can call and check on 01744 813123 or visit the Millhouse website www.millhouse-st helens.co.uk

If you are a St Helens Business with a story about initiative then contact us, we'd love to hear about it.

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