20 Nov 2012

Web Design For Small Businesses

Web Design for Small Businesses
When you're starting a small business it's often tempting to either shelve your web design plans or worse, use one of the many "build it yourself" type web packages such as 1&1. Often this choice is dictated by a tight budget and whilst it seems a good idea at the time it's very rare to ever get good results from such a website regardless of how much time you devote to it.

A St Helens Web Design Company G Wiz have come up with a solution for start up businesses who aren't able to stretch to a custom built website straight away. G Wiz who offer web design and SEO services have recently introduced a "Pay Monthly" Web Design package in addition to their existing services. G Wiz were often approached by start up businesses in St Helens who couldn't factor in the cost of a custom website. The company already offers web design packages from as little as £295 but there were still a lot of small businesses who needed something cheaper.

Keen to help these businesses flourish, G Wiz have launched a CMS website system aimed specifically at helping smaller businesses get off the ground. Start ups and small businesses in Merseyside can now pay just £20 per month to rent a fully functional and SEO friendly website. For more details on pay monthly web design in Merseyside visit www.wizweb.org

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